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Tamara de Lempicka
pl: Tamara Łempicka
[1896/1898? Warsaw or Moscow - 21.07.1980 Cuernavaca, Mexico]

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Tamara De Lempicka was born in Moscow, we even don't know exactly when - in 1896 or 1898. Her Parents were Borys Gurwik-Gorski and Malwina Dekler-Gorska. He was a Jewish merchant, she came from a rich and powerful family belonging to the high society of the former capital of former Poland - Warsaw. Lempicka wasn't really enthusiastic with her place of birth - she even got herself false certificate of birth in which Moscow was replaced by Warsaw, on the other hand this information can be false too.
There is not a single thing from her biography she didn't colorized at all, sometimes for the public relation purposes, sometimes out of vanity, surely that is why her story of life is as difficult to built as biographies of the masters of early gothic.
As a few years old child Lempicka lost her father. It was one of artist's deepest hidden secrets. Official version of Lempicka was that he divorced her mother. More probable, even sure, is that he committed suicide.
She grew at her mother's family in Warsaw - cultural capital of this part of former Poland which belonged to tsars' Russia.

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